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"My proprietary system is so simple, it's embarrassing. You see I'm not a genius at all, so I had to create very profitable yet easy real estate system to follow.

But still I've already taught hundreds of others in my sold-out $5000 coaching club and $10,000 seminars to follow my path to wealth and fulfillment.

Now I BOLDLY ASSERT I can quickly teach my simple secrets to YOU... instantly programming your life for success, working at home, with more free time, and never having to go back to your job!"

Joe Crump and Katie flying
a kite from inside the van in February
(It was very cold outside).

Who's Joe Crump
? He not only a top real estate investor and owner of several successful websites but he's also instrumental in over 30 million dollars worth of real estate deals.

In his last seminar on November 5-7, he helped 47 students claim 98 properties in less than 48 hours. In fact, in February 2004, Joe completed a challenge to help one student (Azam Meo) claim over 2 million dollars worth of property in less than 48 hours while instructing him on the phone.

What you gain from his system: Quite simply, his step-by-step "Zero Down Real Estate Investing" course is radically different and enormously more profitable than anything you've ever seen, heard about, or used before.

The simple step-by-step instructions complete with proven examples, allow even inexperienced people to generate real estate profits in 21 days or less!

It's simple if you know how to combine
the right money-making systems and techniques.

From the Desk of Joe Crump
Indianapolis, Indiana
Discover how to easily and quickly create real estate profits in 21 days or less!

Dear Friend,

If you sincerely want the "Secret Formula" that will enable you to establish a highly profitable real estate investing business within the next 60-90 days… then please read every word of my personal letter to you.

This will be the most exciting and
important letter you will ever read!

It will give the complete summary of some of the most guarded secrets of real estate investors... secrets that you can begin to use immediately to sky-rocket your profits and income to new record heights... and amaze everyone you know... even yourself.

After you become "armed and dangerous" with this powerful inside information, your competition won't stand a chance... because they will never understand what you are doing.

More importantly, you'll know for the first time in your life and professional career that you're in control... of who you work with... of how much you work... and of how much you want to make!

You can finally stop watching those late night "Real Estate RICHES" Infomercials, or reading those "How-To-Buy-A-Ton-Of-Real Estate" courses, or listening to endless hours of "Experts" on tape... or even chasing after stupid "Gimmicks"... that really have no chance of working in real life... where you and I work everyday.

My private system for real estate success is designed specifically for those investors who are tired of being ripped-off, misled and manipulated by con artists and "traveling salesmen"... that push products and not results.

Here Are Three Good Reasons
To Believe What I Say

ONE: I, personally, used the critical inside information that was revealed to me by multi-million dollar real estate investors and super successful entrepreneurs and businessmen... to go from dead-broke... with no money... no experience... no credit... no knowledge... buying over 17 Million Dollars in real estate my first three years in the business!

TWO: Over the past 6 years, I have sold over $30,000,000 (yes... 30 million dollars) of real estate for myself and for my  real estate clients. I have an enormous amount of 1st hand experience in the business of real estate. I currently work in the field every day buying and selling property. There is no substitute for experience and knowledge.

THREE:  I don't hide behind a P.O. Box or an email address. My office number is (317) 598-1220. It is my direct line (it goes right to my desk! - try it if you have serious questions) And it isn't going to change anytime soon. You can reach me there most business hours (when I'm not out buying or selling real estate). My street address is at the end of this letter. Click here if you want to find out more about me.

real estate course


real estate course

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"I received a check from the title
company for $10,000"

"A seller and her husband had been renting out their home and had their last renter had run out on them...
they just wanted out...the place was a mess: It smelled horrible, there was trash everywhere, holes in walls, grungy bathrooms and the kitchen looked as if somebody had taken a baseball bat to it.

Comps I had run placed the property to be worth about $90,000 in perfect condition, which this home was far from. I faxed them a Purchase Agreement on the home for $37,000, which they accepted on January 22.

I promptly called an ad I had seem in a local paper placed by a contractor who purchases homes. We met at the home and it was right up his alley... he offered me $47,000 for the property if we could sign an Assignment contract that day... we signed on it only one week after I had first seen the property. The deal closed and on the Feb 21st I received a check from the title company for $10,000!

I'm still in absolute awe about this but I cannot wait for the next deal to come around. I must say that I have never come into that much money at one time and never with such a relatively small amount of work on that one particular project. Amazing!"

- Ryan Cerchiai - Austin, Texas

Click To hear more from Bob in his own words.
(Length: 4:10 minutes)

"It took 3 weeks to do my first deal."

"It took 3 weeks to do my first deal. I found a $125,000 for $68,000 using Joe's techniques and flipped it and made $10,000 cash before it closed. I did this in a few short days.

The deal between the buyer and seller had not closed when I made my money... I got it up front from the buyer.

The guy I bought from and the guy I sold it to, knew that I was making a profit and it didn't matter to them because they were getting what they wanted.

It doesn't take long to do this process every week and I do it part time.

Sellers call my voice mail and I call them back to see if they have a deal that is right for me."

- Bob Underwood - Stafford, VA

If I can use the powerful information revealed in my toolkit to accomplish these feats (being, "the greenest, most naive first year real estate investor I've ever seen," ) ... YOU can too! But with less pain and suffering than I went through.

By following in my footsteps, you won't have to reinvent the wheel... you won't have to make all the mistakes I made... you won't have to continue to pour your hard earned money down the drain on untested and unproven investor "gimmicks"... you won't have to do anything that doesn't produce results and put cold, hard cash in your pocket. Isn't that what you're really after?

Good, because I've spent the last 6 years in hard work, research, sweat and determination developing a program that's sole purpose is to show you the real key to long term real estate success... that will enable you to get on track, realize your dreams and create the kind of life and career that you've always wanted.

Here Is Exactly How I Am Going To Help You
Buy & Sell Real Estate... 

Even If You Have 

NO Down Payment, 

Bad Credit (or NO Credit)

NO Job 

And NO Experience!


Now we're getting to the good stuff! You obviously have an interest in making lots of money as a real estate investor or you wouldn't be reading this. 

The problem is, most folks don't have $50,000 or $100,000 of seed money to get started. Let's face it, most people don't even have $1,000 laying around to invest.

The two powerful techniques revealed in Section One and Section Two of my course are, in my opinion, the perfect combination of techniques for the investor who is starting out with no capital and/or bad credit.

First, you will learn how to create chunks of capital with short term "flip" deals.

Second, you will discover how to replace your monthly income and create a long term investment strategy by purchasing and holding real estate rental property.

Just by understanding the basics of what I teach here, you will be ahead of 99.9% of all other wanna-be real estate investors out there. 

Here Is How You Will Profit
Within 21 Days...

Section One of the Real Estate Course

Technique #1 - Immediate Cash Flow... Make Thousands Of Dollars In A Few Short Weeks With This Technique.

Sound to good to be true? Read on for the details....

This Section will teach you how to obtain the rights to sell properties without actually paying for the property. 

You will then sell this real estate for a profit and walk away from closing with cash in your pocket! You can use this technique over and over again and never spend OR risk a dime of your own money! 

  • Finding The Properties - Where do you find profitable deals? A profile of the perfect money-making property. (Page 25)

  • Inspections - How To Keep From Losing Your Shirt! Repairs That Make Sense And Repairs That Will Make You Go BROKE! (Page 30)

  • Making The Offer (Step-by-step dialogue) Questions to ask, answers to give. How to negotiate the best possible price! (Page 105)

  • The Purchase And Sale Contracts - You can print these out and use them or modify them on your word processor. (Page 299)

  • Finding Investors To Buy Your Properties - How to find a few investors who will buy from you over and over again! ... This is so easy you'll laugh with delight when the phone calls start coming in! (Page 85)

  • Systematize your business so you can repeat this process every single day... effortlessly! (Page 151)

Click to hear more from Andy in his own words.
(Length: 3:04 minutes)

"I've done 2 deals and I only
started 3 months ago."

"Everybody knows about the state of the airline industry. It just didn't seem like it was going to be that stable of a career choice.

Within 32 days of signing a purchase agreement with a seller, I found a buyer for a $397,000 home. We are closing this week and I'm going to make $10,000 on it.

The service that we bring to the seller makes them so happy, the guy that bought from me didn't even balk at my price because it was such a good deal for him.

I've done 2 deals and I only started 3 months ago."

- Andy Valenzuela - Evergreen, CO

Section Two of the Real Estate Course

Technique #2 - Monthly Income... Replace Your Income With Rental Property And Quit Your Job!

This toolkit segment will teach you how to purchase homes with zero down payment and no credit check. You can then rent or lease option these homes and make a healthy monthly income that will continue to grow until you die!

  • Finding Sellers Who Will Sell You Their Home With Zero Down Payment And No Credit Check. Purchasing the home subject to the existing mortgage. How to do it so you are protected and maximize your profits. (Page 99)

  • Inspection Tips For This Method - Many of these homes will be less than 5 years old so even though inspections are important, they become less of an issue. (Page 103)

  • Making The Offer (Step-by-step dialogue) Questions To Ask, Answers To Give. Each type of investment method has its own specific offer. You will get fully filled out example contracts that will show you the EXACT wording to put in your offer. (Of course, you will still want to have an attorney review your work before you sign the deal) (Page 88)

  • Selling The Homes You Purchase To New Buyers Using The Lease Option Technique! Learn how you can get 5-10% more for the homes you sell AND get higher than market rent! You will also learn how to get non-refundable lease option money from your tenants rather than a security deposit that you have to give back to them at the end of their lease. Lease option money can pay for your vacancies if you know how to word your contracts! (Page 113)

  • Finding Qualified Renters FAST! - Special techniques used by top management companies to obtain renters who have better credit and better jobs than you do! These are the people you want renting your homes. Learn how to get top rental income for your properties. (Page 120)

  • Financing The Sale Of Your Properties For A New Buyer - This Is The Most Important Chapter In This Course. If you understand financing, you will succeed as a real estate investor.Structuring the deal so that it is attractive to a buyer is the easiest way to sell your properties fast and for top dollar. (Page 139)

  • Putting it all together - A 60 day, step-by-step guide to success. This chapter helps you understand what to do first, what to do second, what to do third... and so on. You will discover the simple steps to follow for true success in this business. I find that most "business opportunity" type courses are very unclear on how to actually proceed. No one is able to implement them and they are a waste of time and money for everybody. This chapter changes all of that.  (Page 149)

Click to hear more from Charles in his own words.
(Length: 3:56 minutes)

"I made $2,500 nonrefundable
lease option money and..."

"The traditional method of buying and selling property didn't work very well for me. They were over leveraged, the rents weren't being paid, the repairs... I didn't have any cash coming in.

I want to build a sustainable business model that will give me at least $5,000 a month income.

I closed my first lease option with your methods. I made $2,500 nonrefundable lease option money and I'm going to have $200 per month positive cash flow. I'll make an additional $3,000 on the back end when they buy the home."

- Charles Morse

60 DAY
100% Money Back Guarantee!

real estate course

This course is backed by the most powerful guarantee possible! 

I know without question what an important opportunity this is for you, and how thorough, systematic, practical, and foolproof the materials are, and because of that...

I'm willing to take ALL the risk in your purchase of my course. Take this manual and follow the simple steps, the tips, the money-making ideas, and the straight forward systems we have put together for you. If for any reason you feel this guide does not deliver much more than the value you paid for it, then simply let us know within 60 days and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

But there is more....

If You Order By Midnight,

You'll Also Receive...


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These FREE Bonuses Will Only Be Included IF You Purchase 

The Toolkit By The DEADLINE Indicated Above


Bonus #1: "How To Get Wealthy Buying And Selling Single Family Homes."

I used to sell this proprietary manual for $29.95 by itself. It is full of useful moneymaking techniques about how to be successful as an investor and landlord of single family homes. It's yours for FREE.

Bonus #2: "Real Estate Marketing Techniques I Used To Place Myself In The Top 1% Of ALL Real Estate Agents In The World!"

If you understand these marketing concepts, you will succeed in ANY business you undertake. These techniques are the root of all good businesses and essential information for anyone thinking of starting their own real estate investment business. 

This is a huge amount of information... 87 pages by itself! I've sold this course to Realtors for $79.90. It's yours for FREE.



Bonus #3: "Use The Internet To Get Highly Motivated Sellers To Call You - NEW UPDATED CHAPTER!"

This updated "super-segment" will show you how to increase the response to your advertising by 100%! It is an awesome new way to track down motivated Sellers who are willing to give you a great deal.

I’ll even show you how to use my web site (FREE SET UP - $799 Value) so you don’t have to become a web designer to make it work.

This is the most exciting new technique I’ve used in years and is increasing the profits of my students dramatically!


*** Change Your Life... Today! ***

What would a real estate business investment system that could change your life and support you for the rest of your life be worth... (It really can change your life, you know. When you have the knowledge, you'll have the power)

You can go out and buy audio taped seminars from the infomercial guys for $850.00. Their tapes have half the information you will find in my e-book and they do NOT give you a clear, step-by-step, easy-to-use method to get started like I give you in my book.

If the information in my guidebook really worked... I mean really, really worked...

You would be insane not to pay a very large price for this material. You'd almost be guaranteed to come out money ahead. 

But it doesn't cost $850... It doesn't cost $500...

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Yes, Joe! I Want Instant Access Now!

I'm ready to achieve financial freedom using these proven real estate secrets! Please allow me to download the entire... "Zero Down Real Estate Investing" Immediately!

I understand that you can only guarantee the three FREE bonuses ($109.85 total value) if I purchase before the deadline stated above.

I understand that I am completely safe and covered by your famous no-questions-asked 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee, if I don't like the course for any reason.

As soon as your order is received, you will instantly be sent an email with the download location and the unlock codes for the full electronic course and all of the free bonuses.

How To Order...

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To Your Success,

Joe Crump



Still skeptical? If you order today, I will also include one more bonus worth $225.00. I will give you FREE access to one of my "Members Only" Coaching calls to allow you to ask any questions you have about my system.

On this call you get to talk to me PERSONALLY and ask me any question about real estate that you like. This call will get you on the fast track to succeeding in the real estate business. It will be a no-holds-barred, nothing held back session, discussing ANY questions you might have or creating strategies for your new business.

(Notice: Because of increasing demands on my time, I may stop doing these calls in the very near future. Get the toolkit now to guarantee yourself of an opportunity on one of these calls.) All Four bonuses together add up to $334.85. This is an awesome value! Secure your membership today

PSS: One more thing... The price above and free bonuses are part of a marketing test I am doing. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if my accountants make me raise the price back to $197 and take away the bonuses soon (especially the "Coaching Call Time With Joe"). So Please, CLICK HERE to get your toolkit “while the getting’s good."

Remember, I can only guarantee you the four FREE bonuses if you purchase before the deadline stated above. Order right now and you will be sure to get the five free bonuses (which have a total value of $334.85 by themselves!).

PSSS: Still hesitating? Look, despite everything I've said you still may have a valid reason to not take me up on this offer. If so, I respect your decision and value your feedback. Would you please take a moment to let me know why you are not ordering? I'll give you a little gift just for taking the time to do this!
PSSSS:  Here are some more testimonials...

Click to hear more from Rick in his own words.
(Length: 4:55 minutes)

"I made over $600,000 in the past 18 months using Joe's investing techniques."

"I made over $600,000 in the past 18 months using Joe's investing techniques.

I had been investing successfully in real estate for a year or so before getting this material, but I never realized how incredibly profitable it could be. I had purchased a lot of properties, but I used my own money and my own credit... even though I was building my net worth, I always had cash flow problems and credit problems because of it. Joe showed me that this wasn't the most optimal way to invest and taught me how to start creating chunks of cash flow on a regular basis... without bank loans or down payments.

This material is perfect for the newbie OR the experienced investor. The newbie will get a step-by-step method to get started and the experienced investor will get a way to create consistant, high dollar cash flow... Joe changed my whole way of thinking about this stuff."

- Rick Delon 

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